Bronze Sculptures of Great Beings

Masa Rasa presents bronze sculptural work of Great Beings who embody the eternal subject - the Universal Self.  These works are representations of renowned spiritual teachers  - Gurus, Sages, and Yogis -  from the mystical landscape that is India.   Their message is unanimous and unwavering . . .

                                                                                             "You are what you seek, you are the Divine Self.  God lives within you, as you.” 

In the tradition of the sacred sculpture of India, such a work of art representative of a Divine Being is known as a murti  -  a likeness infused with the power of Consciousness.  These are murtis of Great Beings who teach the highest truth, inviting us on the inward journey while remembering our own divinity.   

Masa Rasa bronzes are produced in the Panchaloha process of creating bronze sculpture, as closely as modern foundry practices allow.  Panchaloha is also referred to as the ‘Five Metals’ process, an ancient method set forth in the Indian scriptures that allows the innate qualities of a bronze work to shine through.  Each sculpture is made from the purest bronze available, a blend of copper and tin, with the addition of iron, silver and gold.  Many of these statues are available in several sizes.  Gold plating optional.

All Masa Rasa bronze sculptures have been created by artist James Nichols . . . many of them commissioned, financed, and produced by entrepreneur Ganapati Levine.