Bronze Foundries

To produce our bronze statues we partner with two casting foundries, one on the East coast in Florida,

the other on the West coast in California . . . both providing professional craftsmanship at it's very finest.




Located in Berkeley, California, and founded in 1976 by Italian metallurgic master Pierro Mussi, Artworks Foundry is one of the leading internationally recognized foundries and state of the art fabrication facilities for the production and restoration of bronze sculptures, reliefs and monuments. 

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Bronzart Foundry Inc. is a complete fine arts foundry, located in Sarasota on Florida’s beautiful Gulf coast.  It was founded in 1979 by Richard and Tam Frignoca:  “We have worked with artists and their clients, locally, nationally and internationally for more than thirty-four years. We continue to serve artists of international reputation as well as those who are completing their first bronze sculpture. Our mission remains to provide the highest level of craftsmanship, at each stage of production, to fulfill the sculptor's vision.”

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