A Universal Marriage of Myth, Media, and Maize




Cornfield: An Artstory  is an artistic ode to the Life we all share.  As a multimedia meditation on Consciousness, Art, and our earthly environment, the art of Cornfield  is grounded in the cycles of bountiful nature, honed in the rhythms of imagination, and expressed through the mediums of painting, sculpture, film, and the written word . . .                                                                                                                             A Universal Marriage of Myth, Media, and Maize. 





                            Concept rendering of the Cornfield space (76' diameter) with murals, lighting, and sculpture . . . elements and images above gleaned from Cornfield.


Cornfield: An Artstory  is about You, and I.  It is a place to engage the power of art and myth, and express the wonder and mystery of Consciousness.  Cornfield  lives in the spirit of nonviolence and compassion for all people, animals, and creatures of our world.  In the truest sense it is sacred ground for all to enjoy.  Cornfield  stands in solidarity with the conscious keeping of our environment . . . with the Water Protectors, the Seed Mothers and Fathers, and all those working to protect Mother Earth, all beings, and the sanctity of food.

                                                                                                            " Cornfield  -  a place where sophistication melts into simplicity."


Presented here are the visual and written elements of Cornfield, the paintings, sculpture, structure, and animation of the project to date.    Cornfield  is a work in progress . . .  it is an Artstory.  




The design of the Cornfield  floor plan is created in the spirit of the Corn Goddess, similar to depictions from Native American cultures, and forms a 76 foot diameter circle populated with paintings and sculpture.  There are two distinct halves of the Cornfield  ground.  The upper half is the home of the seven panel mural Chorale, sitting atop a wooden architecture containing video monitors within each base. 

The lower half houses a sculpture series and features the five panel mural Room 1-2-3 (4-5), with the companion painting Burning Sheaves.  In the center lives the Dais.

To see more art from Cornfield, below are six areas to choose from with links to more detailed imagery and information.   Chorale,  Room 1-2-3 (4-5),  Icons,  Sculpture,  Animation,  and the Cornfield Storyboard.























                                                                                                                                                                      Sun Dance




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