CORNFIELD - Animation



                                                                                 Animation - a visual concept storyboard for the CORNFIELD Movie     10 min


The Cornfield Movie  represents an initial experiment to gather and edit the various elements of Cornfield  into a visual telling of the Artstory through pictures in motion - a conceptual draft for a richer and more elaborate film, and the maizen voyage of the artist into the medium of animation.  The sound track married to the animation is entitled Four Sea Interludes  by English composer Benjamin Britten, conducted by Leonard Bernstein.  This powerful and beautiful music evokes the moods of the ever-changing seas, an expression in sound of the constantly emerging, growing, and dissolving forms of life and of the energies of Cornfield, a sea of Maize.

The theme of Cornfield  is simple, and the thread of that simplicity can be easily followed in the trajectory of its cinematic component - from a fertile ground of pure potential there arises a great deal of energy, motion, and meaning . . . resolving itself into stillness once again - the cycle of life, a play of Consciousness.
















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