The creative spirit and art of Masa Rasa Studios lives in honor and remembrance of the great Guru and spiritual master Bhagavan Nityananda of Ganeshpuri, India, and his liberated disciple Baba Muktananda,  Guru and World Teacher.  Nityananda translated means ‘the bliss of the eternal.’  'Muktananda' means 'the bliss of liberation.

As a matter of fact, it is only through their grace that this art exists at all.  Fortunately, they are not critics :)

Their living presence forever abides and grows . . .  


    "The Heart is the hub of all pilgrimages.  Go there and roam."

Bhagavan Nityananda   1896-1961 . . . 


      "Mediate on your own Self, Honor your own Self, Worship your own Self.  God lives within you, as you."

Baba Muktananda    1908 - 1982 . . .




 "The Guru who has attained Self-realization can alone help the aspirant in acquiring it."

 "There is nothing greater than the Guru . . . God, Guru, and Self are One."


This quote is written on a plaque in the Nityananda Temple in Ganeshpuri, India: 

"Those who are absorbed in meditation on the Guru are always absorbed in knowledge of Brahman (God).  Whether they are yogis, renunciants, or pleasure seekers, they are undoubtedly liberated."   







Photo credit:  M.D. Suvarna