There are several sculptures inhabiting the Cornfield space  -   Boat (Seed and Field)Tire SwingCornCrow,  Corn Goddess Landed,  Maizen Maidens,  and Totems.

The wooden sculpture Boat  was created as a polychrome free-floating ship anchored inside the Chorale  space.   With ‘grain silos’ as masts, which are also suggestive of dock moorings, and the deck painted with the image of a cornfield,  Boat  functions as a multi-dimensional symbol, a layer cake of both masculine and feminine energies.  It is a repository, a silo, a womb, an ark - a ship with it's own dock within, resting between symbols of expansion and contraction.  The destiny of Boat  is to ‘float’, anchored next to the Dais in the middle of Cornfield.    To view the sculpture by walking around it is to 'walk on the sea of Maize.' 


After crafting a tire swing for my kids to go under the large oak tree in our pasture, I looked at the remnant of an old tire from which the seat was carved and remembered the words of a sage about the purpose of the ego.  He said that "the ego is like a tire, for example, is it not?  A tire only works well as a vehicle to get us from here to there when the pressure inside is balanced . . . not too puffed up, or too flat."  The sage further explained that "all such analogies fall flat when pushed too far, so it's always a good idea to keep a spare in the trunk."  As useful as they are, tires eventually wear out, yet can still be used for play . . . and making art.  JN 

Various tires appear throughout the Chorale paintings in Cornfield - An Artstory.  A tire is a vehicle in its own right, and in this case it also serves as a vehicle for meaning.  It’s shape as a perfect circle suggests the nature of the energy within.  Tire Swing was created with a kind of amusing curiosity and became a totem or stele-like structure of ascension, home to a kundalini or energy ladder arising from a ground of emptiness.  In ascending order, the words 'food', 'sex' 'power', 'love', 'art', and 'truth', are incised in paint on the back side.  The last rung of the ladder is empty, the burnt wick extinguished at top.  This scultpure was crowned Tire Swing  to not only to honor the source of inspiration, but also highlight the fact that it functionally swings around on it's vertical axis when the tire is pushed to the right or the left . . .


                                                                       Tire Swing     wood, steel, rubber, polychrome oil and acrylic panels, unfired clay   23”W x 23”D x 103”H




                                                                                       Tire Swing Stomp







CornCrow (Layer Cake)      Oil on wood panel, archival prints, steel, and twelve meditating ceramic crows.     39” H  x 14”W  (1/3 scale)




                                                                                                                     Corn Goddess Landed     Ceramic maquette 11" H  x  17"D 





Maizen Maidens  (studies)   water ceramic clay   12"H                  Water / growth            Sun / harvest            Earth / planting  













                                                                                                               All artwork and design  © James Nichols 1976-2020