Sculpture and Print Care

Bronze sculptures for interior display require little care.  You can wipe them off with a soft cloth to remove dust.  Do not use any solvents or cleaners, as they will strip off the wax sealer and perhaps damage the patina.  Wax coatings can be reapplied every six months, or more often if conditions require it, using an untainted clear carnauba wax such as Johnson and Johnson's paste wax.  The bronze must be clean, warm, and free of all moisture before applying the wax, and allowed to dry completely after application before touching it.   Sculptures displayed outdoors, or exposed to damp salty air, may develop a green patina on their own.  If a patina has been discolored or damaged, it can be removed and reapplied, and is best done by a qualified foundry.


Patinas are specialized thin color coatings carefully applied to the outside of the statue and bonded by flame.  There are three basic patinas you can choose from:  gold toned natural bronze, deep golden bronze, and dark bronze. These patinas are then sealed with wax to protect the patina and give a lustrous finish.  You may add a note to the order specifying the kind of patina you’d prefer.  Custom color patinas will be considered. 


Belgian Marble BaseUpon request, we offer an optional polished Black Marble or Granite base to go with all statues.  The statue can be secured to the base with screws if desired. A base may weigh anywhere from 1 to 20 lbs., or more, and is an additional cost plus shipping charges. 


Although only archival materials are used in each print, avoid any contact with moisture or displaying the prints in direct sunlight.  Handle with care.