Sri Yantra

Sri Yantra, also known as Sri Chakra, is an ancient Hindu symbol, a revered and sacred mystical diagram of the Universe used in ritual worship.   It is composed of nine interlocking triangles symbolizing the interplay of the Divine Masculine (Shiva) and the Divine Feminine (Shakti)  -  God and Goddess, the crown moment of Universal creation and ecstasy . . . eternally pulsing through bronze.

Hand sculpted and reproduced using the lost wax casting process, each Sri Yantra is made from the purest foundry bronze available in the US, and is very heavy in weight relative to it's size.  'Panchaloha' bronze is optional.  

Sri Yantra is available in three sizes:  


       Large  6.75"H   •   7" square   •   12.0 lbs.     

       Medium  2.75" H   •    3.5" square   •   4.0 lbs.    

       Small  1.75"H   •   2.25" Square   •   1.0 lbs.       


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