Babaraj is a work inspired by the life of the Great Siddha Master Baba Muktananda.  ‘Raj’ means ‘royal,’ and Muktananda exuded the demeanor of a wise and beneficent king in his dealings with all people, giving freely of his time and presence to those who came to him for knowledge.  Masa and Rasa spent much time in his company.

Muktananda often wielded a wand of perfumed peacock feathers, greeting visitors and devotees alike with a gentle bop on the head and a warm smile. He often spoke of seeing Consciousness as a pervasive and shimmering blue light, so we’ve embedded a natural blue star sapphire in the wand to symbolize that vision.

Baba said to everyone, "I welcome you all with great love and respect."  On Muktananda's behalf, we here at Masa Rasa Studios extend that same greeting to you.


Available in three sizes:

Height:  11"     Shipping weight:  17 lbs.   

Height:  3.5"     Shipping weight:  2 lbs.  

Height:  2"     Shipping weight:  1 lb.   

Free domestic shipping. 

International shipping is a separate charge to be calculated.

Delivery in 6-8 weeks.

Please inquire about marble bases.

Edition of 50 for the 11" size, includes a Certificate of Authenticity numbered and signed by the artist.   Unlimited editions for the 3.5" and 2" versions.

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