Hafiz Prints

Hafiz is regarded as one of the greatest and best loved poets of Persia, an acknowledged spiritual Master with a playful sense of humor.  His writings enjoy an ever growing world wide following among people from all walks of life.  As is the case with all great poetry,  it has the power to speak directly to the truth of our own experience, and Hafiz is the Master of diving directly into the heart of the human condition and emerging with a fistful of emeralds.  He serves up a poetic feast of wit, compassion, and insight, well seasoned with a robust, charming, and often bawdy sense of humor. 

In his own words, Hafiz claimed that his verse will “move on the wind’s breath for hundreds of years as my sacred debris, as the divine dust rising as a gift from my singing bones.” Indeed his words have circled the globe for centuries, and some of that Holy Fallout has landed in Masa Rasa Studios.  These prints pair eight of author and poet Daniel Ladinsky's Hafiz translations* with imagery from Studio Maize, in the hope that it will compliment and enrich the experience of Hafiz's words even more . . . if that is at all possible.  You can find Daniel Ladinsky's wonderful books available through amazon.com and in local bookstores.
* All Hafiz translations are used with the permission of Daniel Ladinsky from his Penguin publications The Gift, Poems by Hafiz © 1999;  The Subject Tonight is Love © 1996 & 2003; and I Heard God Laughing  © 1996 & 2006