New work and working news

Greetings from Masa Rasa . . .

Introducing new work from Masa Rasa Studios! . . . . a sculpture of the renowned Indian Saint, Anandamayi Ma.  Admired for her beauty and deep devotion to God from a very young age, Sri Anandamayi Ma has been described as "the most perfect flower the Indian soil has produced." Her name means ‘Blissful Mother,’ and it is with that beautiful maternal energy in mind that she has been brought to life in clay.  Regarded by her devotees as an enlightened being, she served as Guru to thousands, and still does.  I find the many photos of her simply mesmerizing.  Someone once asked Anandamayi Ma: “Are you God?”  Anandamayi Ma answered: “There is nothing but God. Everything and everyone is only a form of God. Also in your shape God has come to give me darshan (‘auspicious sight’)”

She was born in 1896, which was an auspicious year in many respects, a great year for the spiritual legacy of India.  Bhagavan Nityananda took birth that year, and Ramana Maharshi experienced his enlightenment at the age of 16.  Anandamayi Ma, one of the few female Saints that India can claim in its long storied history of great beings and world teachers, is a beautiful presence that can be accessed from anywhere, any time.  She lived until 1982, a year I happened to be in India staying at Muktananda’s ashram during the months leading up to what was his last birthday celebration.  I was getting married at that same time.  I had heard wonderful things about Anandamayi Ma, yet Muktananda, who spoke very fondly of her, had my full attention . . as did my soon to be wife, Mondodri, another beautiful woman of divine proportions.  Baba told Mondodri and I that he would not be in his body much longer, and after the birthday celebrations had faded, he sent us off back to the States with words of wisdom, laughter, tears, and his full blessing.  Anandamayi Ma died shortly after our departure, and Baba left his body about a month later.  


I hope you enjoy  looking at this sculpture of a great Saint and Guru. I offer her likeness in homage to all mothers, and thank my dear friends Zoe and Nikki for their wonderful inspiration.  The piece is now at the foundry being proofed in Panchaloha bronze, and the edition will soon be available for sale.  Stay tuned.  

•   •   •

It’s been a couple of months since last writing, there have been a few bumps in the road, some changes at the foundry, and a trip for Ganapati to India during which he almost lost his marbles, yet kept his bronzes intact and hanging loose, spirit renewed.  I’m now writing this blog as myself, and if I say ‘we’, that means there was and is a collaborative effort with Ganapati and our friends in the making.  The initial creative work is my own, so only I can really describe that process.  On another note:  Prices for our bronze sculptures as well as select prints have been substantially reduced by around 25%.  Yes!  I have a long list of people who really would like to own a bronze sculpture but find the price a bit out of their reach, so I hope this will help.  It’s an expensive medium to play in, and I’d give ‘em away if I could. These changes will be made even more clear over the next few weeks.  

This sculptural work of the Gurus has taken on a perspective and life of its own. Actually, it’s been that way from the get go.  These beings imaged in clay often guide the process, ‘appear’ as the energy in the making, their presence palpable in the studio. . . especially late at night when my ‘second wind’ appears and fingers feel nimble and begin to dance.  Perhaps these beings realized that I needed guidance, having not worked in this medium much at all until beginning this series some eighteen months ago.  Let’s say they want to make sure their respective images are up to snuff, and it’s a boon for me to feel their energy and presence while working.   With their help, more work will come, and who knows what divine mischief I can get myself into.

Omward . . .