Artist Bio and the Founders of Masa Rasa

James Nichols

James Nichols








 James Nichols lives and works as an artist.  As a young man, and after completing a fine art education and graduating with highest honors, he traveled through the United States and on to India where he spent time at the feet of his spiritual teacher, Baba Muktananda, receiving this guidance:  “Paint as you meditate, with Beauty and Truth, work to uplift yourself and others.  Always do your best and create from your own Self, from the Heart.”   He later returned to America and adopted the craft of illustration in order to support and raise a family, working full time as a self employed illustrator for over 25 years.  All the while he has maintained his own studio practice in painting and sculptural work, focusing on artistic explorations around the subject of Consciousness. 

James is currently working on the installation project entitled Cornfield - An Artstory . . . a multimedia event involving painting, sculpture, cinema, and the written word.

All artwork and design  © James Nichols 1976-2018



Neil Ganapati Levine

Entrepreneur and provocateur, ashram cook, and recipient of the Yoga Rascal of the Year Award, Ganapati Levine (aka Swami Ganeshananda) has been a practitioner of Yoga and meditation for 40 years.   Neil, a practicing artist in the most universal sense, shares this advice:  “Turn up the fire and keep on stirring . . . ”   He has financed and helped produce most of the bronze sculpture in the Great Beings Collection.  Neil’s deepest motivation in helping to create the bronze sculpture of Masa Rasa Studios is to honor the memory of great spiritual teachers, especially his own teachers, Bhagavan Nityananda and Baba Muktananda of Ganeshpuri, India, whose living presence still abides and grows . . .