Artstory ICONS




The ICON is a symbol for Mind and spiritual evolution.  Also known as YE AS OR (Your Everyday Artistic Symbol Of Reality), the ICON is a seminal structure and hieracrchy.  It functions as an integral element grown within Cornfield, where it evolves from two-dimensional geometry into a three-dimensional living symbol.

The ICON is also a meta-structure, a fertile device, if you will, that contains a multitude of images from nature, art history, and the imagination.  It is a visual farm, planted with crops of imagery rotated through the various fields of the structure, all elements to be viewed from a higher perspective and played out in infinite variety and relationship.  In this sense, the ICON also serves as vehicle, containing a condensed version of the story gleaned from the experience of Cornfield.


  The Life of ICONS      I - Western Mandala  (Creation),     II - Wombs and Seeds  (Sustenance),     III - Homefire  (Destruction)      Oil on linen   each 84"H x 84"W





 L to R:   Icons -  Read Me,  Sources,  Dissolutions,  Weddings,  Red Icon    oil on panels   36" and 48" H


                                                                                                              Cornfield Storyboard   Plate 7 of 33


                                                                                                             Cornfield Storyboard   Plate 8 of 33    


             Icon animations                                                                                                                                                     Phoenix evolution




                                               Apotheosis of the Corn Goddess   84"H x 60"W  oil on linen  



                                                                             Animation - a visual concept storyboard for the Cornfield Movie     10 min