We Are Masa Rasa Studios

Welcome friends, art lovers, kindred spirits, and the unsuspecting.   We’re proud to announce the creation of Masa Rasa Studios, featuring the work of artist James Nichols.  For those of you familiar with his work, Masa Rasa Studios represents an evolution of Studio Maize with the addition of an online store offering limited editions of sculpture, archival prints, and works from the multimedia experience Cornfield: An Artstory. We invite you to take a look.


Jim and Neil, together again.Our genesis story:  We have prepared for you a visual feast, and as with all savory recipes for a delicious meal, some precious spice and sweetness is needed to make it sing.  Those ingredients have been added to Masa Rasa through the support and infectious humor of Neil ‘Ganapati’ Levine. Ganapati and Jim go way back, friends from their days in India and devotees of Baba Muktananda and Bhagavan Nityananda of Ganeshpuri.  After finding out that Jim was a painter, Muktananda smiled and told him, “you should sculpt.” That was over 30 years ago. Jim and Ganapati have reunited to make that suggestion a reality.  As the story goes, Ganapati called up Jim one day and said, “let’s make some quality bronze statues of the Great Beings we have come to know, the best we can create.” Agreement took several seconds, initiating their creative partnership while fulfilling the artistic goals and spiritual understanding of both partners. You can see the results for yourself on the Masa Rasa Studios website.


Apotheosis of the CornAs to our studio name . . . please know that statements such as “that’s a whole lotta Masa Rasa,” or “have you attained Masa Rasa?”. .  . are no doubt common misunderstandings of these two words.  Here’s the real meaning: ‘Masa’ is the Spanish word for dough that is commonly ground from Maize, a nourishing food at the root of the Native and Latin American diet for thousands of years. ‘Rasa’ is the Indian Sanskrit word for essence, at it’s deepest root ‘the nectar of life.’  It’s the juice of artistic experience and expression, the sweetness in the corn. For us, Masa Rasa Studios is spiritually and artistically both food and nectar, a harmonious blend of effort and grace that spans the worlds of art and spirituality from India to the Americas and around the globe, all with the intent of bringing to life art that will enrich people’s lives. So, please treat yourself to a generous helping of Masa Rasa.


We will be posting a blog once or twice a month featuring new work, past work, commentaries, and entertaining stories about ‘how it was done ‘ and ‘what it all means.’  And as a culinary delight, we’ll also be serving up Indian cooking recipes and tidbits (ashram style) from Ganapati’s Kitchen.  If you’d like to receive the Masa Rasa Studios Newsletter in the future, just subscribe below. 

 The meal is served, and it’s all organic.  Please join us, we’d love to have your company.

Your very own,

Masa Rasa